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Getting Started

Lisp2Perl is a program to 'compile' Lisp programs (written in a slightly unusual dialect of lisp) into perl programs. The tarball contains, among other things 2 perl scripts, in the build directory:-



'rep.pl' provides an interactive read-eval-print loop. It is entirely self contained. It works well from within emacs using inferior scheme mode (since the flavour of lisp is more like scheme than common lisp).

'lisp.pl' is a script runner - given a text file containing lisp forms this can be used to execute those forms:-

perl build/lisp.pl examples/hello.scm

See the README file in the tarball for some more info. It tells you where to go to find out more.

Within lisp you can type:-

(compile-form '(if (= a 1) 4 5))

... to see how things will be compiled into perl. To see the macro expansion of something you can use:-

(macro-expand1 '(some-form))


(macro-expand '(some-form))

(macro-expand1) only does one round of expansion.